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Two's Making Friends
Two's Group Project


When children are two, everything around them is so exciting, they need to be able to touch and closely examine objects to find out how to use them. Words from songs begin to have meaning, and every experience is an adventure. At Ivy Prep our teacher’s goal is to provide new opportunities for children to explore, while providing them a safe environment in which to do it.

Since at this age interest can be lost as quickly as it is brought on it is important to offer variety when it comes to toys, songs, games, and other activities. With this in mind our B.A. Curriculum, offers toddlers additional enhancement programs. Here are some important milestones we look for:


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  • Responds to adults’ verbal greetings.
  • Shows awareness of others’ feelings.
  • Able to sustain play with caregiver/peers.
  • Repeats actions many times to cause a desired effect.
  • Attempts to complete basic daily living tasks.
  • Responds to requests for action.
  • Points to and may name at least two body parts when asked.
  • Signals needs with sounds or motions.
  • Shows interest in wanting to perform self-help skills.
  • Directs attention towards objects by reaching, grasping, or staring at them.
  • Focuses on reader or story teller for brief periods of time.
  • Displays recognition and excitement about game or toys from previous day.
  • Applies knowledge to new situations.
  • Tracks people and objects by moving head as they move.
  • Uses 8-10 understandable words in home language.
  • Has a receptive vocabulary of over 50 words.
  • Combines words and gestures.
  • Uses some pronouns.
  • Changes volume and pitch to convey meaning.
  • Points to words in a book.
  • Shows preference for certain books.
  • Shows pleasure when read to.
  • Makes marks on paper with crayons/markers.
  • Experiments with grasp when using a variety of writing tools.
  • Stoops or squats to explore things on the ground.
  • Consistently reaches for toys, objects, and bottles with both hands.
  • Turns pages of large book.
  • Coordinates eye and hand movements.
  • Initiates active play.
  • Attempts new gross and fine motor activities, often with assistance.
  • Assists with hand washing.
  • Begins to demonstrate to repeat actions many times to cause desired effect.
  • Imitates behavior seen in another place and time.
  • Uses objects as intended.
  • Understands how familiar objects are used in combination.
  • Imitates rote counting using some names of numbers.
  • Explores measuring tools.
  • Recognizes the beginning and end of an activity.