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Infants Room
Infants Investigating Senses


It is truly amazing how much babies grow during their first year.

From the moment a baby is born they are ready to learn and it is up to both parents and caretakers to ensure they maximize each of the infant’s potential through stimulation.

Rocking, holding, feeding, signing, and playing are just a few of the ways we help your babies develop emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our teachers take the time to develop a special bond with your baby, which will allow them to understand the cue’s they are given.

Has she discovered her hands? Let’s dangle a toy above her and let her grab it, allowing her to work on gross motor skills.

Has he started babbling? This is the earliest stage of talking, let’s spend time reading and singing with him.

What truly sets us apart is our B.A., Baby Academics, curriculum.  Our B.A. recognizes that each child will grow and learn at a different pace and gives our teachers a variety of tools to ensure they are developing properly. During the first year, here are some important milestones we look for: