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Health & Safety


Health & Safety

Our teachers tailor lessons for children to encourage them to take control of their own health. Children will learn about nutritional content of food and how their diet directly impacts their health. At Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy we understand the importance of and the need to teach healthy eating and exercise. Children will learn to identify the food guidelines whichdirectly relate to children ages 2 to 8 years. These choices contain lessons on Grain, Vegetables, Fruit, Oils, Milk, Meats, and Beans. Children learn life skills and lessons to show the value of nutrition and how it can be both fun and second nature. Our hands-on approach to nutrition is critical to instilling a healthy lifestyle in children.

At Ivy Prep we are also committed to raising awareness of how exercise can promote brain cell growth and improve learning. Through introduction to sports children will learn to work together in a group and understand the importance of a team. With a wellness attitude, we can understand to have control over our own body and how healthy we can become. Children need to be taught the facts so they are able to make educated choices. We teach them about the effects food has on their body. Lessons are explained to them how eating healthy foods will give them more energy and make them feel better.This can be taught in very simple, fun and creative ways. 

Healthy mind….Healthy body….. equals healthy children with incredible learning power.

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We can all agree that parents need to know that their children are in
a safe environment. Facial recognition allows only
authorized people to access the building, giving parents peace of mind
that their child is in a safe, learning environment.