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Jazmin - Bronx

I have been working as the Assistant Director at Ivy League Early Learning Academy in the Bronx since Oct. 2013. I have worked in the childcare field since 2009. I began working as a Lead Counselor for children ages 5-12 years old. In 2012, I worked 2 positions as an Office Assistant for an Early Childhood Program in the mornings and was a Lead Teacher for an After-School program for Grades K-1st in the afternoons. I as well was a Substitute for the Bilingual Preschool classroom.  During the summer sessions, I was a Lead Teacher for both a Kindergarten Prep Class and First Grade Prep Class. I as well did one-on-one tutoring for various ages, and for the Gifted and Talented Tests.

Lilian - Bronx

I hold a BA in Liberal Arts, Psychology Major, Dual Master’s degree in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education and College Credits in Spanish Heritage, from the college of New Rochelle, NY, and Doctoral Learning in Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Instructional Leadership from Grand Canyon University (K-12).  I hold 2 New York State Teaching Certificates in Early Childhood, and Early Childhood Special Education (Birth -2nd grade).  For the past 25 years, I served as an Infant Teacher, Daycare On-Site Provider, Special Education Building Teacher Sub, and Educational Director throughout New York. I also worked as an On-Site Child Care Provider in London UK.  I spent my vacation periods building schools and training teachers in the inner cities of Africa. Working with children Birth to 2nd grade is my second nature. I have 2 young professionals and a husband. I am very happy to bring my multiracial and multicultural, including vast experience and learning to serve in Ivy League Prep Early Learning family.

Kelly - Staten Island

I have been in the education field for over 15 years.  I hold a Masters Degree in General Education and Special Education.  I worked in a public school teaching children in general education for 3 years.  I taught UCP for 4 years and 9 years in a special needs school in Brooklyn as the parent Coordinator and Department of Education liaison.
I love children and always wanted top be a teacher and a mom, and now am to my infant daughter who also attends Ivy League. Family is my number one priority in life, there is nothing more important to me.

Marie Egbert-Kane - Staten Island

I currently hold a degree in Early Childhood Education from Kaplan University upholding the honor of being on the Deans list every semester. After graduating, I became a preschool teacher in Florida for one year and was then promoted to assistant director for 15 years before moving to New York. I have three daughters aged 24, 20, and 5 years old. They are the reason I began my career in Early Childhood Education.

Jade Rosa - Staten Island

I have been working in the education field for 10 years now. My first teacher’s position was as a toddler teacher and since then I have worked with all the different age groups. When I first joined Ivy League I started off an Infant teacher and was promoted last year. I currently hold my Bachelor’s degree in Education and will be pursuing my masters. I have been a part of the Ivy League Staten Island team for about three years now. My heart and passion is for children and their learning and well being.

Amanda Cfika - Bayside

I have been working with children for over 10 years, 3 of which includes teaching at Ivy League in the preschool room. Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from St. Joseph's College and am currently persuing my Masters in Literacy in Education at Queens College.

Kristy Roy - Deer Park

My name is Kristy Roy and I am happy to be a member of the team at Ivy League Deer Park. I have been working in the Early Childhood Education field for over 12 years. Prior to joining Ivy League, I served as the Director of Education for a private preschool in Manhattan. I started my career as an Assistant Teacher with infants and toddlers then worked as a Curriculum Coordinator for a childcare center. I have been a CDA Advisor and Mentor, helping early childhood professionals pursue higher education and credentials in the field. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I was born and raised on Long Island and am very happy to be working here again.
My philosophy of education for young children has been influenced by the theories and principles of child development and education pioneers such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, Gardner and Montessori. I believe that young children learn and grow through experiencing the world around them. Their senses play an important role in how they get information, process that information and construct knowledge about their world. I feel that play is definitely the work of early childhood. Through both structured and spontaneous play experiences, young children develop skills and understand concepts related to all areas of development. I feel that early childhood education environments need to address all of the developmental needs of all children. Developing the “whole” child means not just addressing academic growth but physical, emotional and social growth as well. I believe children need experiences that allow them to test out their skills and apply their knowledge in practical and meaningful ways. Hands-on learning experiences should reflect the interests and curiosity of the children. Their inquisitive and creative expression should be valued, encouraged and used as a way to build curriculum and establish learning objectives. Teachers should play the role of guide and collaborator with children, actively engaging children in questioning, making predictions, testing out hypotheses and developing solutions to learning tasks. I feel that the building of critical thinking skills and logical reasoning are essential for the learning of conceptual knowledge and academics.

Angela - Manhattan

My background is in special education and I was a teacher before I was an administrator. My bachelor’s degree is in Multi-Categorical Special Education and I am currently working toward my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Many of you will recognize my face as I’ve been working for Ivy League as the Class Evaluator and Regional Trainer

Bernadette - Manhattan

I bring with me over 30 years of diversified experience in the field of Education. I have a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, from Montclair State University and a Master of Science in Education from the College of Staten Island. In addition, I attended NYU for Continuing Education classes in Business and Human Resource Management. I was born in New York City and raised in East Rutherford, New Jersey. I have a wonderful husband, two daughters and one grandson. I enjoy spending time with my family, as well as reading, writing and golfing.