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Communication between our school and the families enrolled has always been a priority of ours. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our program. We are very excited to announce that we are rolling out a new communication application that we are using in all of our classrooms.

This application utilizes mobile technology to provide real-time visibility and improve communication between our school and parents. The mobile solution is built to provide a first-hand look at activities, important information, critical notifications, special memories, and documentation for the teaching team. This system allows teacher to capture special moments, take photos, and videos of the children in action as well as send you classroom information. Your child’s daily information is captured at the moment it occurs, and your grams are sent directly to your e-mail, once your child is checked out for the day. All information is saved to your child’s on line portfolio, so you have a complete, detailed history of everything to do with your child.

For our parents in diaper changing and potty training rooms information is recorded at the second the change is done, leaving little chance of errors in reporting information. Other information provided with this application is what your child ate for the day, special projects and milestones accomplished, individualized note on your child’s observations and documentation of learning. All information is stored in your child’s private portfolio, and this information is stored for the entire time your child is enrolled with us.

This technology is not only an efficient way to communicate with parents, it allow our team to focus more on the children’s immediate needs.