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Over 60% of working parents use relatives, friends, or nannies as a primary source of childcare. When those options are not available parents typically are forced to spend company time searching for an alternative or taking the time off themselves, in fact the average cost of absenteeism for these parents are 8 – 9 days per year. These breakdowns in care that lead to absences cost businesses 3 billion dollars annually in the US. Companies with child care services were able to reduce the number of absences by up to 30%.

Ivy Prep back up care is an employer sponsored program. Our goal is to eliminate child care issues for our clients. When primary care falls through an employee simply calls one of our 5 convenient locations and we will make accommodations for their child. We understand that in most cases employees need same day care and our team will aid them in finding placement for their child.


  • Profiles company with an attractive benefit package
  • Improves employee morale
  • Reduces absenteeism and turnover
  • Gives company access to a pool of highly qualified potential employees
  • Increases productivity on the job